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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can the horse see the design?
No, it’s printed on the outside of the fly mask screen material.

2. Will the ink used on the fly mask be harmful to my horse?
Nope, it is printed with a similar ink to what is used on T-shirts and has no odor.

3. Will my horse be bothered by these fly masks?
Not if he can wear any other fly mask. The design is not visible to him and if you look closely, it’s not even directly over his eyes.

4. Will the ink fade?
The ink will last a long time, it is the same flexible ink that is used on sneakers and outdoor equipment.

5. Will the fly mask fit my horse?
The mask uses velcro enclosures so it stays put and has maximum adjustability.

6. Can I wash the fly mask?
A little dish soap and water and it will look almost like new.

7. Will people see these fly masks on my horse and ask me where I got them?
Yes, they sure will!

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